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John and Sherry have been Shutting. It. Down. lately.  I got a little bored during most of their kitchen upgrade but lately they’ve had several posts where I hear myself whisper-shouting “Yes! Brilliant!” out loud while reading.  The latest series they have going on about paring down and simplifying their life has been particularly inspirational to me.

First, there was this post about limiting the amount of toys their daughter has access to.  I’ve always moved toys in and out of rotation for Mac, but since several kids play with these toys almost every day, I tend to leave out more toys than if I would if it was just Mac.  And I leave out more toys than I’m really happy with.  Although I love the feeling of our house bursting at the seams with Mac-ness (I’m a weirdo who likes the presence of toy baskets and high chairs and kid art work and all those other little reminders that a child is in residence), I don’t love feeling like our living room is closing in on us.  So I’m taking some time this weekend to tuck away a lot of the toys that don’t get much love and rotate in a few that haven’t seen the light of day in a while.

I’m hoping that by limiting the amount of toys everyone has access to, that not only will my living room feel more like a living space again and less like a playroom, but that the kids will also spend more time playing with just one toy.  As it is, several of them have a tendency to wander around dumping out one toy after another without doing any real playing.

The other post that really struck a nerve with me was this one about how John and Sherry have limited the amount of personal care and household cleaning items they keep around.  I would show you a picture of my linen closet and what a ridiculous amount of bath and hair and makeup products I have laying around, but it’s just too embarrassing.  And it’s so stupid!  I only wear makeup 1 or 2 days per week.  I can’t even remember the last time I used any sort of product in my hair.  I haven’t used any kind of frou frou body wash since I was in high school.  And there are shampoos in my shower that haven’t been used in about two years.

The Husband and I could easily use all the same products.  When something runs out, we’re likely stealing some of the other person’s product anyway.  To be able to limit the amount of crap littering our shower walls and linen closet shelves would be such a relief.  So within the next couple months, I’d like to start making that transition.

It’s also time for me to start sorting through my makeup.  Every Christmas, my aunt gives the Clinique samples she received throughout the year as gifts.  I love it, but it means I tend to hoard unnecessary makeup.  Do I really need four different tubes of lipstick in Tender Heart?  How many containers of the same purple eyeshadow do I need to be holding on to?  And dear god — why do I still have that teal eyeliner from high school?

I want to simplify my life a la Young House Love.  I want to limit the amount of house cleaners I have.  I’m such a sucker for a good gimmick and I need to get back to the basics.  I need products that will do double-duty.  I need to invest in more all-natural cleaners.  As for personal care products, I’ve been using all-natural soap and shampoo products for Mac, but it’s time for The Husband and I to start paying attention to what we’re putting on our own skin. 

I want to pare down and streamline my life.  And Young House Love has given me the kick in the pants that I needed.

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