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Documenting the baby makin' experience. From Trying to Conceive, to Bringing Up Babies, I share all the laughs and all the horror.

I'm Jess, I'm 32 years old, I live in Minneapolis with The Husband, Jack (the girl dog with a boy name), and our little dudes, Cormac (Mac) and Fitzgerald (Fitz). They're case you were wondering.

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By the time The Husband gets home from work every day, I’m exhausted. Especially since he’s been working later than usual the past couple months. When 5:45 rolls around and he comes walking through the door, I basically punt Mac in his direction and try to take a few minutes to breath without having someone pulling on my leg.

But then, as I’m standing in the kitchen getting dinner ready or puttering around the living room picking up toys, I hear Mac and The Husband playing together.  I hear their laughter and screams and roars.  And suddenly, I don’t want to be alone anymore.  I want to go play too!  I want to be part of the fun!

This kid, who just minutes before was making me crazy with his demands, now sounds like the most fun person in the entire world.  Basically, The Husband brings out the best in Mac, and it’s always irresistible to keep from participating in the fun, no matter how long my day has been.

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