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Documenting the baby makin' experience. From Trying to Conceive, to Bringing Up Babies, I share all the laughs and all the horror.

I'm Jess, I'm 32 years old, I live in Minneapolis with The Husband, Jack (the girl dog with a boy name), and our little dudes, Cormac (Mac) and Fitzgerald (Fitz). They're case you were wondering.

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Sometimes I’ll be sitting with Mac on my lap and I’ll start feeling baby #2 kick as if trying to clear his big brother out of his space. And then it absolutely blows my mind that before I know it, there actually will be two of them fighting for lap space.

I’m pretty excited.

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  2. definitelyjennifer said: YES! THIS!! when Roger rests on me and i sing to him the baby kicks and i swear she’s trying to kick him out of the way too!
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