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  • Went to the doctor this morning and had an ultrasound to measure the baby. Turns out the kiddo is pretty normal sized (75 percentile — nothing I’m worried about) but I have absurd amounts of fluid in there. Like, concerning levels. Which is lame.
  • On one hand, I’m happy that it’s fluid and not a giant baby or the result of one too many cheeseburgers. But on the other, it sucks because it’s not normal and it puts me and the baby at risk and it means I have to take the 1-hour glucose test over again.
  • Yes, you read that right. Even though I passed my first glucose test, I have to take it again. Because they figure with that much fluid in there, it must’ve been a fluke that I passed. This is totally like being accused of cheating on a test in high school that you studied really hard for. I’m not happy.
  • On the upside, I can’t re-test until I get back from the Dominican, and since what I was most upset about regarding a potential diagnosis was the inability to shove ALL THE FOOD in my face in the Caribbean, I’m feeling ok about the potential of a restricted diet in a couple weeks. Also, I get another ultrasound next time and I dig extra ultrasounds.
  • Other than the fluid levels, baby is healthy and I am healthy. So I actually don’t have any anxiety about getting on a plane. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for perfect strangers who can’t hide their horrified looks when they find out I’m flying.
  • After my doctor’s appointment, I went and got a pedicure in order to make my feet at least reasonably presentable. First of all, I’m such a rookie that I didn’t even know how to turn on my massage chair. EVERYONE around me was getting their massage on, but I just sat there like a complete idiot. I was too embarrassed to ask how to use it, so I never did get that massage. Second of all, there were some women sitting across for me who were totally pedicure regulars and I was completely jealous because I’m pretty sure they’re living my life. Third of all, I did not get the memo that the pedicure uniform is black yoga pants and a black zip-up hoodie (and the blacks should match…unlike the blacks of my sweats and hoodies…). Oh, and you’re supposed to bring a really small purse or a hugely oversized handbag. I was super lame for treading the middle-ground. So I basically failed in every way possible at the nail salon.
  • I’M GOING TO THE DOMINICAN TOMORROW!! The weather here is a total shit show right now and so I’m pretty sure as we’re taking off tomorrow morning, I’ll be yelling out the window, “SUCK ON THAT, MINNESOTA!” Or I’ll be conked out from the dramamine I intend to dose myself with. It’s a toss up.
  • Hope everyone has a great week and don’t worry, I intend to come back with enough pictures of my trip to make you all hate me and immediately unfollow me. YAY!!!!
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