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Documenting the baby makin' experience. From Trying to Conceive, to Bringing Up Babies, I share all the laughs and all the horror.

I'm Jess, I'm 32 years old, I live in Minneapolis with The Husband, Jack (the girl dog with a boy name), and our little dudes, Cormac (Mac) and Fitzgerald (Fitz). They're case you were wondering.

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Just before 6:45pm on 4/22, after 2hrs of pushing, our 9lb 1oz chubster entered the world. I’m pleased to introduce Fitzgerald (Fitz) Ellis. We’re finally home from the hospital and I can’t wait to fold him into our lives. He’s been amazing so far and I absolutely can’t believe how lucky we are.

  1. thelandofla said: Congratulations!! Love the name!
  2. mariahnotcarey said: Congratulations!
  3. coveredincatfurr said: He’s so beautiful!!! Congrats, lady! So happy for you guys!
  4. happinessiseva said: Congratulations!!!
  5. akissandagrin said: Congratulations!!!
  6. nibblesandbits said: Congrats lady!
  7. nosmokewithoutpryor said: Love love!!!!
  8. lilyandbee said: Wow! What a chunk of perfection! Welcome to the world, Fitz!
  9. itonlylookslikeimincharge said: Congratulations! Welcome, Fitz!
  10. oneofourown said: Congratulations!!!!! I hope you and Fitz are doing well :)