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Man, it’s been so hard to get on the computer and write an actual post lately.  Not because I don’t have the time — in fact, since Fitz came along I’ve gotten even better at managing my time — but I totally lack the motivation to fire up the laptop and write actual thoughts and words. Posting a quick pic from the phone is just so much easier! But there’s so much I want to remember about these early days that I HAVE to get on here and write it down.

On Fitz: He has been a fantastic addition to our family. I know a lot of people hate the newborn days. That it can be an exhausting merry-go-round of feeding and changing diapers and soothing. But I feel like I thrive during the newborn days. I can’t screw anything up! It’s all just instinctual for me — no need to worry about feeding him nutritiously because he only has one option, no need to worry about him watching too much TV because he can’t even see it, no need to worry about not stimulating him enough because he’s only awake for 3 hours a day! He really is such an easy baby so far, though. He sleeps great at night, we’ve gotten into a rhythm with his feedings and finally fixed his latch, and once I figured out that he really needed a pacifier (I’m so pacifier resistant because I dread the day I have to take it away) it made his awake hours much happier for everyone. He has a bit of a gas problem, but what baby doesn’t?

He is the noisiest baby I’ve ever heard and I can only assume he’s going to be the chattiest kid ever based on the amount of noise he’s making right now. He’s always grunting or cooing or humming or something. It’s completely adorable. He’s like a cross between a little baby bird chirping and a baby dinosaur trying to perfect his growl. It’s hilarious.

He’s a perfect, happy and healthy baby. He’s growing like a weed and it only took him a week to exceed his birth weight and even grow an inch. I find myself looking at him and thinking that I can’t wait until he can do this thing or that thing (it’s somehow even harder not to wish time away when you know what milestones are waiting for you just around the corner) but I really am trying to be conscious to savor every baby moment because I know it’s so fleeting.

On Mac: He is the proudest big brother I’ve ever seen. It warms my cold, dead heart to see him be so sweet with his baby brother. He loves introducing Fitz to everyone who comes over and he’s forever giving his little brother hugs and kisses. He always refers to Fitz as “mine baby brother” and loves to help out with Fitz whenever he can. He’s pretty much the best diaper fetcher around.

Before we brought Fitz home, I worried a little about Mac acting out and regressing, but he’s been a total champ. Even though he asks about his friends a lot, he’s been really great about just hanging out with me and Fitz all day. I try to plan fun activities — baking cookies, going to the park, hanging with grandma, etc. — so at least there’s something for him to look forward to every day and he seems totally ok with this arrangement. He hasn’t regressed in potty training or sleep (as if he could regress any further in the sleep department) and while his eating has taken a bit of a hit because of our lack of a schedule, everything is mostly great with him and on-track. He basically hasn’t shown any effects of feeling usurped or neglected at all. Thank god! It’s still early, though, so hopefully he continues being awesome!

His language development has continued to improve and he is a little chatty cathy. The “why’s?” have started and even the most inane statements are meat with a, “why, mom?” which can be exhausting at the end of the day, but I do love the curiosity so I do my best to come up with an answer to all of his why’s. I can’t deny that I regularly employ the “because I said so” response, though. Sometimes mom just needs a mental break from inventing answers.

On adjusting to life now: It honestly feels like we’re doing even better as a family of four than we did just the three of us. Part of it is because of the ridiculous amounts of help we’ve had. Seriously, I know I’ve said it before but I cannot stress enough how awesome family and friends have been. Part of it might be because The Husband has only really been home one weeknight in the past two weeks and when I know that everything that needs to get done relies upon me doing it, I tend to be more efficient. And part of it is simply because we know we’re spread thinner and so we plan better.

I’ve successfully taken the kids to the doctor and Target on my own and without incident. Mac has always been easy to take anywhere so that obviously helps a lot and luckily Fitz has been accommodating so far as well. I know find myself inventing errands to get out of the house since these two are so easy to cart around.

Physically, I’m feeling much better. I’m sure things are still a crime scene down there, but at least I feel better and I’ve even stopped my tylenol/ibuprofen regimen. It’s so nice to be able to walk normally again and it’s fantastic to be able to feel good enough to take Mac to the park behind our house. Now that the weather has finally warmed up I love being able to get him out there to burn off some energy. Plus I love being able to soak up some sun and feel like a normal person again.

So all in all? Life is good. Really good. We’re doing awesome as a little family of four and I find myself waking up every morning excited to see what the day holds.

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