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Today, the baby who made me a mother turns 3 years old.

It’s always so crazy to reminisce and think about that first day of his life. The excitement and uncertainly and disbelief and overwhelming gratitude we felt in the early morning hours of his first day of life. The awe we felt over bringing such a sweet little life into the world.

From day one Mac has been an absolute gift. Everyone around us can see what a wonderful boy he is (a favorite line of many members of my extended family is “remember, you only get one of those!” in reference to Mac’s sweet disposition) and he has brought so much joy into our lives.

He changed our lives for the better.  He made us parents. He made grandparents. He even made Fitz a baby brother (and Fitz has given Mac the role he was born to play — protective big brother). There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t look at Mac and marvel at our good fortune. Even on Mac’s worst days, I know how lucky we are to have such a great kid.

3 years old doesn’t seem that long in the grand scheme of things. But oh, what a change since that first day of his life. No longer that squishy blob of a newborn, he’s now a real little person who seems to pick up on EVERYTHING and has so many thoughts and opinions. But he’s still my snuggly little baby.

At 3 years old, Mac’s favorite color is red. His favorite person is probably a tie between his Bubba (my dad) and Eli, the 11 year-old son of my parents’ neighbors/friends. His favorite show, much to my chagrin, seems to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and his favorite movie is The Lion King. He loves singing and dancing and my favorite thing is when a song comes on the radio that he knows and I can hear him quietly singing in the backseat. The other day, Someone Like You by Adele came on the radio and Mac, from a dead sleep, awoke to start singing along.

He isn’t passionate about any one thing right now. He likes dinosaurs and cars and firetrucks and balls and trains and all those usual suspects, but there isn’t any one thing he’s obsessed with. He really does love the alphabet and all associated toys, though.

He’s funny and sweet and emotional and polite and energetic and really just the happiest little guy I know. He’s wonderful. He’s a gift. And I am so eternally grateful that 3 years ago, he came into our life.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Cormac. "We are so glad you’ve come."

  1. sweet-baby-j said: happy birthday, mac!!!!
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  4. nibblesandbits said: What a sweet boy, happy birthday, Mac!
  5. fatbottompurls said: The ‘you only get one of those’ thing is why we stopped with Evie. My younger brother and Eric’s little sister are reason enough to never have another kid. lol
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